Top 10 Ways to Make a Holiday Romantic

Whether your holiday is for a special occasion or you just need to get away, add a bit of romance with these handy hints.

Be it a honeymoon, anniversary, birthday, first time away with a new partner, or even spending some well-earned time together, why not take the opportunity to make your vacation one to remember with plenty of spark, indulgence and relationship rejuvenation!

1. Plan a romantic meal. Many hotels have special destination meals such as picnics on secluded islands and in vineyards, breakfast in bed, private dinner cruises. Head to a local farmers market and pick up wine and cheese for a simple picnic somewhere secluded. Or if fine dining is more your thing, make a booking at a special restaurant.

2. Book the honeymoon suite. It doesn’t matter if you’re not on your honeymoon, these rooms are usually set up for romance so make a great choice. Make it a surprise for your partner so they don’t find out until you arrive.

3. Watch the sun set. Wherever you are you can usually find a beautiful spot to watch the sun go down. Perhaps even take a bottle of champers with you.

4. Pamper yourselves. Book that massage for two and indulge in some relaxation time together. Take a rose petal bath surrounded by candles – many hotels offer a ‘bath menu’.

5. Do a cooking class. If you’re in Italy learn to make a traditional pizza. Try your hand at making phở in Vietnam or a massaman in Thailand. You’ll make a lasting memory that you’ll always associate with your partner, and the destination you visited.

6. Do something you can’t do at home. Share something unique together. Walk with the lions in Mauritius, swim with the stingrays in Tahiti, snorkel with the whale sharks in Western Australia, zipline through the jungle in Malaysia.

7. Order room service. There’s nothing more indulgent than being served food covered in a cloche. Lock yourselves in and enjoy each other, a great meal and don’t forget dessert!

8. Take lots of photos. But not just of the scenery. Capture your romantic time together with plenty of photos of yourselves and snap some candid shots of your partner in unguarded moments. You’ll have them to remind you of the wonderful time you had together.

9. Hire a bike or car and go exploring. Discovering new places together can be a great way to connect.

10. Surprise each other. Take your partner dancing where the locals go, plan a day of adventure, book a unique tour that highlights the culture of your destination, take a music playlist with you for the hotel room. Ladies may even want to pack some new lingerie…