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Truly interesting travel stories are born out of intriguing journeys

They are conceived on the adventures that don’t appear in the glossy brochures of travel agent chains. They happen on the road less travelled, far away from the hordes of tourists and budget tour groups. They even happen when you’re experiencing a popular destination in a unique way.  At Cherry Picked Travel, we scour the planet in search of authentic and distinctive travel experiences that offer something truly unique.

We discover the hidden gems of a destination before we recommend it by immersing ourselves in a location and by getting to know the locals. It helps us find out where the very best cuisine is served, where to shop and where to avoid. More importantly, it helps us unearth the experiences that make a good holiday great.  

We now also offer the options to book flights, tours and sightseeing, car hire and purchase travel insurance direct.  Drop by our site regularly, as we're always adding something new. And find out about our Honeymoon Gift Registry service.